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Ultimate Toys for Men 2


Lavish luxury products and experiences around the globe
An ideal gift book for men—or a source of gift inspiration
With special features “Best of Mallorca,” “Best of London,” and on the finest collector’s items

Ultimate Toys for Men New Edition is the definitive catalogue for any discerning gentleman. Richly illustrated and meticulously curated, it gathers the best bespoke and luxury products and premium experiences around the globe, anchored in the belief that only top quality is true value for money.

Whether a sports car or mega yacht, a weekender bag or a boutique hotel, editor Michael Görmann selects the best the world can offer the modern cosmopolitan man. Age is irrelevant; the boys’ toys just get bigger, or more exclusive.

The much-anticipated sequel to Ultimate Toys for Men, this updated edition includes a dazzling array of slick new gadgets for guys, handmade beauties, customizable accessories, and all manner of luxuries to rent, buy, and experience. Special features cover the “Best of Mallorca,” “Best of London,” and the finest collector’s items.

Michael Görmann does not work, at least not in the traditional sense. He has been working exclusively with his hobbies for almost 30 years: writing and photographing the beautiful things in life. Görmann’s favorite subjects are typically fast-­moving and technically meticulous. His heart races for Old Timers, luxury watches, and technical innovation. After a traineeship at a daily newspaper, Görmann was Chief Reporter for Uhren-Magazin (a magazine about watches), founded two agencies, and has worked for titles including Focus, Robb Report, Playboy, and Stern.

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