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Look good, feel good.

Being well dressed is usually associated with discomfort, not typically something you pair with the word ‘relaxed.’ I can tell you, this does not have to be the case. We can incorporate certain pieces to provide more comfort and create a more relaxed look. When we feel comfortable in what we are wearing, we look … Læs mere

Jackets To Survive Danish Winter

Danish winter comes with a whole variety of feelings and conditions. There are lows which include a disgusting amount of rain and a lack of sunlight. Then there are highs which include the hygge when we are surrounded by our loved ones (With a few candles of, course), accompanied with some warm gløgg. With all … Læs mere

Pre-Order Atelier IX 1-10

ATelier IX 1-10 Designed in Sønderborg and in-store, our very own Atelier IX shirt available for pre-order now. The aesthetic of our logo inspired us to put it to fabric. A symbol of men’s clothing in Sønderborg, and what Atelier IX is all about. Quality garments and brands that are solely available in our store, … Læs mere

2 år med Atelier IX

Den 26. marts har ATELIER IX fødselsdag.Det betyder, at det nu allerede er to år siden, I for første gang kunne gå på opdagelse i den tøjverden, vi ønsker at vise jer og gøre jer til en del af. På grund af disse udfordrende tider har vi desværre ikke mulighed for at holde den fødselsdag, vi … Læs mere

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