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Look good, feel good.

Being well dressed is usually associated with discomfort, not typically something you pair with the word ‘relaxed.’ I can tell you, this does not have to be the case. We can incorporate certain pieces to provide more comfort and create a more relaxed look. When we feel comfortable in what we are wearing, we look our best. No one wants to look tense. That is why we took to Kislings, one of the coziest and most relaxed cafes you will find. To demonstrate the lack of contrast in what is being worn to the environment/atmosphere around. That is thanks to the woven silk tie and the burnt orange cardigan. Two items can transcend an entire look.

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A little information about Kislings, Sønderborg’s gem. Kislings is a rustic cafe that lies on Perlegade, the main shopping strip in the city center. Kislings is a cafe/restaurant, with a variety of special meals & baked goods. At Kislings you are always greatest with the warmest smiles and world class service. It is a community house and everyone is welcome. You must visit, it won’t disappoint, it is the true meaning of ‘Hygge.’

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