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Jackets To Survive Danish Winter

Danish winter comes with a whole variety of feelings and conditions. There are lows which include a disgusting amount of rain and a lack of sunlight. Then there are highs which include the hygge when we are surrounded by our loved ones (With a few candles of, course), accompanied with some warm gløgg. With all this being said after a while, being indoors doesn’t cut it, and claustrophobia kicks in. The candles are all melted & you need a break from your loved ones (we understand you, we feel the exact same way).

 It’s not that you don’t love spending time with them it’s just, well, it’s too much. So what do we do? It is too damn cold outside, you have no desire to be cold nor wet on your escape into the wilderness, or the city. That is why we have created a list of our favorite winter jackets to keep you both dry and looking your best. Allowing you to pour that gløgg into a to-go cup & get some fresh air. 


The Jackets


One of the coolest jackets we have seen this season. This reversible parka has two unique faces, one being more high fashion with a white/grey base with dark blue accents. The other side is solid blue, with technical details. The jacket is 50% down & 50% recycled polyester, keeping you protected in the coldest of temperatures. If you are looking for a fashionable jacket but you aren’t willing to compromise warmth, this is your jacket.


The classic puffer, there’s nothing quite like it. This jacket from Selected is everything you need. The neutral tone allows you to easily style and layer with your favorite garments. Made with artificial down & lined with recycled polyester you can feel good knowing no animals were harmed in the production of your jacket. If you value minimalistic design and value warmth, this is your jacket. 

Not a fan of long parka jackets? Then this might be your glass slipper. This cropped winter jacket from Krakatau will keep you warm up to -10°С and have you looking styling in this super-rich dark green color.  The jacket features eco-friendly insulation, detachable hood if you want to show off its stand-up collar. A super simple and clean design, with multiple functions, was it your glass slipper?
Very similar to the QM300 (the jacket above) featuring the same technical details. The main differences are the navy blue color and long coat style. The jacket features heat-protection lining along with inner straps for carrying the jacket over your shoulder, for when the sun makes a special appearance. Very much a traditional jacket in the 21st century, you can’t go wrong with the technology and craftsmanship found in Krakatau products.
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This Fall/Winter 2021 collection from Les Deux has been nothing short of spectacular. The use of soft tones such as the sand color found in this parka coat is super clean. The jacket features 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation which protects you from both water & wind, which is one of Denmark’s specialties during the winter. A true fashion piece incorporating the ever-so-popular sand color and minimalistic design. If you appreciate being on par with fashion trends, this is your guy. 
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