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Pre-Order Atelier IX 1-10

ATelier IX 1-10

Designed in Sønderborg and in-store, our very own Atelier IX shirt available for pre-order now. The aesthetic of our logo inspired us to put it to fabric. A symbol of men’s clothing in Sønderborg, and what Atelier IX is all about. Quality garments and brands that are solely available in our store, that is where the concept 1-10 derived from. Working with two local tailors at ‘ATH Tailoring’ to create the perfect shirt, with no boundaries on price. Manufactured by Alumo AG who share over 100 years of experience in producing the finest Swiss cotton. Focusing on the smallest details to provide you with the most complete shirt.


Atelier IX 3D printed hangtag 

1-10 Personally sewn neck label

Atelier IX stitching on the left cuff of the shirt.

1300,- KRR

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